Premium Tattoo Needles & Cartridges

Dynasty Membrane Cartridges have excellent ink flow. The configurations you need in a clear,

high-density casing starting at $20.77 per case of 20 pcs.

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Round Magnums

As Low As $20.77


Excellent Curved Mags

Packs color incredibly well with minimal trauma and very stable.

Tight Liners

As Low As $20.12


Great needles

these do make lines for miles!

Round Shaders

As Low As $20.77


Highly recommended!

Nice bold traditional lines from these cartridges, no quality control issues.

If you are looking for Superior Tattoo Supplies from a tattooer-owned company

paired with unmatched customer service and fast delivery, you are in the right place.

You will always be satisfied with premium membrane needle cartridges from Needlejig Tattoo Supply. Needlejig started with the development of the "Round Magnum Theory," which popularized the use of round, curved, filbert, and soft edge magnums as you know them. We have been mass-producing needles longer than most other companies have been in business.

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